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Best Value in the Carolinas!

south carolina home security systems

App for Your Phone

Smart phone security app to view & control LIVE camera feeds - and receive texts or email alerts. Apple or Android work great!

home security system local sc

Affordable & Local

We're local to the Carolinas for over 35 years and have the best prices in the area! And did we mention you can save up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance?

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24/7 Complete Coverage

Instant Communication. At all times. Experienced teams of people are available at all hours of the day, monitoring and watching over your home. So your home can be protected whether you're there or not.

home securiy systems

Ease of Use

Smart phone and tablet apps, talking LCD keypad, and wireless key chain remotes enable you to control your monitored home security system from almost anywhere.

charleston home security systems

Experience & Expertise

We've been assisting homeowners in security since 1979, so we get security and we get South Carolina residents. We're not a fit for everyone, but we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

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More for Less

At Alarm Alert, you are more than just a number. We love the Carolinas and our customers who live here - and we'd like to get to know you and customize your security experience.

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Customize Your Home Security System

charleston home security systems
columbia home security systems

Door, Window & Glass Break Sensors

Send an alarm signal if a protected entryway is opened or broken.

florence home security systems

Motion Detectors

Detect movement in rooms, hallways, and stairs.

myrtle beach home security systems

Sirens & Sounders

Alert you and your neighbors with noise and lights.

greenville home security systems

Cell Radio

No need for a home phone - the cell radio wirelessly connects your home to our monitoring station for uninterrupted protection.

south carolina home security systems

Total Touch Control

Arm/Disarm your alarm with your smart phone and receive messages when someone enters the home.

home security camera south carolina

LIVE HD Cameras

For those times you want to confirm the kids are safely home from school or just check on the house while you are out.

Ready to learn more? Contact Us or call us 843.346.7870

Choose the Package Perfect for You

  • Wireless System, Digital Keyboard
  • Door Contacts (3)
  • Pet Sensitive Motion Detector (1)
  • High Decibel Siren
  • Complete Back-up Battery
  • Yard Sign & Window Decals
  • Ready to Upgrade (optional)
    • Camera w/mobile app access
    • Cell Radio (no home phone needed)
$ 97
No home phone required
No home phone required
home security alarm
+ Cellular Radio
home security systems
+ Cellular Radio
south carolina home security alarm
+ Smart Phone Access

Ready to learn more? Contact Us or call us 843.346.7870

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We are proud to have protected homes locally in South Carolina since 1979.

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  • Charleston
  • Columbia
  • Florence
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Greenville

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Meet The Team

kevin jordan

Kevin-President & CEO

Kevin was born and raised in South Carolina. He created Alarm Alert in 1979, when he realized his neighbors and friends had a need for better security and peace of mind for their home and loved ones. Over 33 years later, and he is still committed to that same vision of protecting homes here in the Carolinas. And when he's not sharing home security tips with his customers, he likes to spend his free time with his family - mostly at beaches and lakes.

josh jordan

Josh-Chief Marketing Officerfacebooktwitter

Josh grew up learning the family business and took some time away from the Carolinas to spend some time working in Tokyo, Japan. He's now back stateside and applying what he has learned to enhance the overall customer service experience. If it doesn't add value to your security experience, he replaces it with something that does. Loves meeting and connecting with new people - whether it's in English or in Japanese.

donna jordan

Donna-Vice President & CFO

Donna married Kevin shortly after he started his business, and has been passionate about helping her fellow Carolinians protect their families and homes. When she's not in the office, she can be found searching for great deals at the local T.J.Maxx. Also enjoys banana pudding ice cream and - if you do happen to call into the office, you will probably be speaking to her or…

royce jordan

Royce-Office & Service

Another familiar voice for anyone who calls into the office. Royce is new to the home security industry but passionate about making every customer's interaction with Alarm Alert the best customer service experience ever! Interesting fact - Royce was born in the Philippines, raised in Japan, but speaks Southern American English :)